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We have a kind of different family and we want you to become part of it

This is how we grow at Talent Clue

We are always excited to see new faces among #TChumans and see how each one of us grows working in Talent Clue

She is Eucleia, new business developer in the sales team

He is Flo, started as a copy, upgraded his studies and now is our UX Designer

He is Alberto, our new Social Media Manager

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Why does Talent Clue exist?

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It all started when we realized that the way people live and work has changed drastically: what keeps them motivated is not the salary anymore, but the purpose and a great team to work with. When realized about this, we created the Inbound Recruiting Methodology and developed the Talent Clue platform to carry it out.

Talent Clue proposes a different way of recruiting, centered on the candidate. A more humane and empathetic way of relating to potential candidates.

We keep fighting for what we aim for independently of the difficulties.


We create synegies in order to achieve even better results.


Whatever we say, we do it.


Our Values

We are able and willing to grow day by day, we want to achieve our best.


We are never going to let anyone else solve our issues.


Changes? We adapt. Difficulties? We adapt.


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A #TChuman is...


(Alba and her huge pencils to make big illustrations) 

in love with #TCdogs

(Avi, Frankie and Lua are our lovely canines. Tula, we miss you!)

Sticked to the brand

(We painted our hair in blue to celebrate our 3rd birthday!)

Addicted to knowledge

(Getting HubSpot Certified on holidays? Challenge accepted!)

A family-traveler

(#TCtrip to Dublín, we have also been in France and Mallorca!)


(Carles is one of our awesome develomers and also loves gardening)

lightbulbs, webcams and action!

Take a seat to see the depths of Talent Clue, learn about our daily lives and discover what Talent Clue is all about. 

What do we say about working at Talent Clue?

What I like most about working at Talent Clue is knowing that every day I will improve and learn working on unique and challenging projects.

Jordi Lladó

Back-end Developer

It is best to see that everyone's ideas become reality and that everyone believes in the same thing and works in one direction.

Toni Gimeno


The enthusiasm is contagious as well as the passion that is breathed in the office making us improve day by day.

Ferran Miró

I+D Director

Birds of a feather flock together: meet the teams!

Here you have the Talent Clue's houses, each one of us works in departments, all formed by the best professionals that we have been able to find. Do you want to join us?

Sales Champions

Marketing Magicians

Customer Happiness architects

Code Virtuous

The Operations team is formed by Miquel-Àngel (our COO), Marc and Danieke. They are in charge of measuring everything, organize us all and devote all their time to make us work our best. Curiously, they have some addiction to have it all outlined in our 2-meter whiteboard (which they fill every single day!). With them it is impossible to get lost.

Great Ops 

Sales Champions

Aniol, Cristina, Aleix, Jaime, Paula, David and Eucleia form the sales team and struggle day by day to get more and more companies to optimize their selection processes thanks to Talent Clue. Every time they get a new client, we celebrate them all with chains of mails and eternal battles of gifs.

Marketing Magicians

Toni, Eli, Alba, Carla and Alberto are our marketers. They are responsible to explain and to let the world know everything we do in Talent Clue. Thay also make the work of recruiters easier through webinars, guides and other materials to help them become better professionals day after day. They are digital, strategic and highly creative minds (or crazy, depending on point of view).

And they are all certified in Inbound Marketing by HubSpot!

Code Virtuous

The heart of Talent Clue is the R & D team. There is nothing that this department can not solve, at least with an algorithm. If you are curious, a constant thinker and, of course, you like clean code, good practices, automation and Dockerization: this is your department!

Customer happiness architects

Pol, Ana, Jenny and Laia form the Customer Success team. Thanks to them our clients find the solution to all their problems and manage to reach the top of their selection processes. Together we will change the world of Human Resources!

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